Physics and measurement,Kinematics,Laws of motion,work energy and power,Rotational motion Gravitation,Properties of solids and liquids,Thermodynamics,Kinetic theory of gases,

Oscillations and waves,Electrostatics,Current and magnetism,Electromagnetic Induction and alternating current,Electromagnetic wave ,optics,Dual natural of matter and radiation atoms and nuclide,Electronic,devices,Communication System.


Section A-Physical chemistry

Some basic concepts in chemistry,states of matter,Atomic structure,chemical bonding and molecular,chemical thermodynamics,solution,Equilibrium,Redox Reaction and electro chemistry,Chemistry kinetics,Surface Chemistry.

Section B-Inorganic Chemistry

Classification of elements and periodicity in properties,General principals and processes of isolation of metals,Hydrogen,Block elements(alkali and Ikaline earth metals),Block elements group 13 to group 18 elements D- and F- Block elements Co-ordination compounds,Enviromental chemistry.

Section C-Organic Chemistry

Purification and characterization of organic companies some basic principles of organic chemistry,Hydrocarbons organize compounds containin halogens,organic compounds containing oxygen,organic compound containing nitrogen,polymers,Biomolecules,Chemistry in everyday life principles related to practical chemistry.


Sets,relation and function,complex numbers and quadratic equations,matrices and determinants,permutation and combinations,mathematical induction,bionomial theorem and its simple applications, sequence and series,Lbw, continuity and differentiability,Integral calculus,Differential equation ,co ordinate Geometry,Three dimentional Geometry,Vector algebra,Statistics and probability,Trigonometry,Mathematical reasoning.

Biology(Botany & Zoology)

Diversity in living wood structural organization in animals and plants cell structure and function,plant physiology,Human physiology,Reproduction,Genetics and evolution,Biology and human welfare,Biotechnology and its application,Ecology and environment.

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